Look Good, Feel Great, Create Impact

We have ask our sustainability maven, Zurich-based stylist Dana Ilic to share her wisdom with us on how to create positive change and impact every day

Around the world, humans get dressed each day. Did you know a few small changes to how we manage and refresh our wardrobe can make a big impact on the planet and for other people?

Every morning be the change
You get up in the morning, what is it that you are thinking about next?
What to wear, right?

You see, making change relatable to each of us as individuals is where we will create the connection to sustainability. You may have heard the

statistics about, how many litres of are needed to make the jeans (do you really need another pair?) or how many litres of water are needed to get that white cotton shirt for you. Not sure about the jeans statistics? Well, to make a pair of jeans it takes approx. 7600 litres of water. Think about it, how many litres of water do you drink a day, 2L?
Imagine what else we could do with that water other than making jeans.

Stop impulsive buying and become a savvy shopper.

So now, what can we do as consumers?

  • Step one:
  • get educated and rewire your brain. You don’t need another pair of jeans, no you don’t need to buy it only because it is on sale (you wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t right?) The fast fashion industry is thriving, in layman’s terms, these are your favourite affordable brands, like Zara and H&M, and these companies are producing garments on weekly basis with the intention of it being worn and torn within few washes so it can be easily replaced by another “affordable” garment, and you will not feel sad throwing away the old one that fell apart.
  • Step two:
    buy quality to last, save up for that favourite piece because trust me, you will get years of wear out if it.

  • Step three:
    open up to new opportunities and buy second-hand. Some of you might think, „oh I don’t want to wear something someone else has worn“. Guess what? When you buy that “new” item in the store you don’t know if someone wore it and returned it and now you bought it. Remember, if it’s new to you, it is still new.
  • Step four:
     wash clothes using low temperature and also wash when they are dirty, not after one wear unless you were in an area where it was funky smelling.

Drum Roll Please…. Have Fun

might seem like a lot to digest, but take small steps and start with your wardrobe today. Detox it and discover some hidden treasures, repair that jacket that you love, upcycle (make it into something else) your old clothes e.g. jeans into jeans skirt or jacket. Become creative and original. Sell the cloth you haven`t worn for ages and substituded it with second hand designer pieces. And never hesitate to donate what you aren’t wearing to a charity or shelter. prelovedREVOLUTION offers you to sell your cloth for an animal protections charity or an environmental NGO.

The journey starts with you.

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